The picture below is a photo of the “Interactive Discovery Map” commissioned by the African American Cultural Heritage District. When selected, each historical site on the map displays information and video tour.

This project was the vision of Director Lisa Byrd and was created over the course of six months working directly with Project Manager Courtney Bailey, web designers Cold Shower Designs, and illustrator Nate Padavick, and the students and faculty at Kealing Middle School.

Historical Site Videos

The greatest feature of the Discovery Tool is that it serves as a virtual tour of Austin’s East Side,  narrated by Harrison Eppright of Austin’s Visitor’s Bureau.

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AACDH Founding Documentary

This video documents the formation of Austin’s African American Cultural Heritage District.  It shares the legacy of Austin’s 1928 city plan, whose goal was to institutional racial segregation by forcing African Americans  to live only in Central East Austin.

Austin’s African American Cultural Heritage District Advisory Committee was established so that the immediate community and interested people from around Austin can participate in shaping the work and programs of the district. Edited from previously recorded footage, the video tells the story from inception to present day.


    Part of the project included producing photo archives of each historic site and neighborhood, as well as providing documenting events and classes over an eight month period.

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