Mark and Suvanna

Mark and Suvanna’s wedding was set in the beautiful countryside of Concan, Texas back in March of 2014.  This wedding was particularly important to us because Suvanna is Athan’s sister. It was a beautiful ceremony that we will not forget and we were more than honored to have been able to capture such an amazing moment in this couple’s lives. We love coming back to this video to enjoy all those memories again and absolutely wish Mark and Suvanna all the best.

Rob and Tam

I was first referred to Rob and Tam for their wedding by a friend at the AACHD.  It was by pure chance that upon meeting Rob we realized we had actually gone to the same high school over a thousand miles away (and over a decade ago) in Philadelphia. Their beautiful ceremony was held at the Blanton Museum of Art on UT’s campus on a sunny summer day. Sometimes, chance just brings people together.

Montana & Christina’s Wedding Invitations

Christina and Montana came to us seeking unique wedding invitation pictures.  We found a hidden lake in the outskirts of Ft. Worth to use as a backdrop for their pictures. Needless to say, it was a lot of fun and we wish them the best of luck in their marriage!


Marcos and Nikki

Marcos and Nikki choose the beautiful setting of Austin’s Hummingbird House for their special day. The moments leading up to ceremony were masked by a light misty precipitation, however as soon as the two were pronounced husband and wife, the sun peaked out from behind the clouds.


Heather and Luke

I was very happy when Luke and Heather came to me asking for a video for their wedding. The weather was great, the setting was beautiful and of course everyone their looked their absolute best.

I wish Luke and Heather the best and thank them so much for allowing me to capture their amazing day.